Situations are not the individual.

By Randy Parson Jr

The saying first impression speaks to how a person is or who they are, I’ve found this to be not to be true in most cases. For me it came about not to be true as it related to how I created the situation. The situation again it was created by me and that individual responded accordingly to how I reacted in that situation with that person. Once I found that it’s best to not equate a individual to a situation again more so if I created it. If you hold a person to that situation that you created, it is less likely that you will see a difference of a person in a new situation that you did not create. so first impressions are not everything to base your understanding of a person, yet only to give yourself the opportunity and to open-mindedness to be prepared to see something different of a person in a different situation. You’ll be surprised what will come of that person in a different situation.

Pride is not what it is….

Quote by: Randy Parson Jr.

#GETITONWHILEYOULIVINGThere is cause to believe that pride is what prevents the vast majority of living breathing human beings from living life. Pride only holds you to a thought of what you believe of yourself, however you have been shown different but your pride hold you to a thought. To say swallow your pride, is to say I’m open to learn, I’m open-minded, I see your point of view, I want to live life. Do not hold yourself captive to to that word PRIDE. Don’t you say you have pride, say you have standards in life. You only can hold yourself at a standard do not hold others to your standard but you must keep in mind that your standard is not to be minimized by others but you are to be open-minded to see the difference of standards that only go up but again it’s not for you too look down upon because someone is not in the same standard but it is to say that I see better standards of myself and that I look too grow greater standards to ascertain on the way of life that allows me to live in peace as well as stand for peace. Pride only create conflict, confusions and war.

Emotions — Psychology of Mindfulness

We got to remember that emotions just are. They are here to tell you something. Nothing good or bad. They are there to guide you. To show you what you need to do next. You can use it to hurt you or help you, but it is all in your power. Emotions will never go away, so trying to do so will make it worse. Accept them, and recognize they aren’t there to harm you, they aren’t necessarily there to help you either. They just are, and it is up to you to choose what to do with it.

Emotions — Psychology of Mindfulness

I found this article to be more of study guide on emotions. From the start the author shares different meanings of the word emotions, followed by various kinds of emotions. At 45yrs old it was until 15yrs ago that my emotions are the physical expressions that I have or can have regarding what I feel as pertains to who, what, when, where and why. I must be mindful of the 5-w’s and keep in thought to control my emotions.

True or False …….

The Question by: Unknown/ Assessment by Randy Parson Jr

The answer could be yes or no , it depends on the individual and the circumstances that caused them not to trust . Whatever reasons, they have that to do. However, the side affects(facts) in doing so causes isolation, bitterness, loneliness and reoccurring of distrustful people. Distrustful people gravitate to people who do not trust people. Now what’s the kicker regarding those that don’t trust nobody, is how these individuals expect to be seeing as trustworthy. That in it’s self does a disservice to the very idea that individuals, who don’t trust no one, would think, nevertheless feel that they should be trusted. That part right there is baffling to me. At the end of the day, it’s not for anyone to negate what they experienced, but do not expect just because you experienced something that caused you not to trust no one, that your not trusting is not the fault of persons that have no cause to distrust you. So, distrusting some you don’t know or a person who have not show you that you can not trust them, is unfair to the process of getting to know each other.

Pay Attention…

Quoted by: UNKNOWN and Assessment of by Randy Parson Jr.


I assest that more than likely that person is having a conversation in their head with those twin bitches Jealous and Jealousy. They are plotting and planning, so whatever they come up with, they going to be on that malice and vindictive behavior level. That’s all that comes with being with Jealous and Jealousy.