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Came up on Daniel Pennywell post and found it speaks to what I’ve been trying to convey in my efforts to share what I believe is where the root of the problem is. Narrative that has been placed on the African American Male by the police started at the police academy. I do wonder was the African American police in training, giving different material that excluded the part about how to regarding the African American race moreso as it relates the African American Male. Lastly what happen to #GeorgeFloyd and the many many others that died senselessly at the hands of the police, it is now that we as nation kneel to the death of Institutional Racism. There is no going back, can’t redesign it because what world watched as that c.o.p. (coward on patrol) kneel on the life of #GeorgeFloyd, reveal what’s left of racism. The world could not stomach that which is left.

Mr Daniel Pennywell has give The Truckabay Group permission to publish his writing of this material.

Randy Parson Jr

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