Look to the children………..

As we remain in the midst of this pandemic, I do feel that the long term effect are yet to be seeing as pertains to the children. The part I am having the most difficulty with is the social distancing. Today I saw what social distancing means while visiting a friend at the hospital.

Photo is of “Za” a #truckabaybay copyright The Truckabay Group
Copyright The Truckabay Group

Seeing this took my breath away. As my friend is fight to sustain in life, his family is told that he can only have one visitor a day. Not one visitor at a time, but one visitor a day. Of course #thepushbackaffect took place, that we succeeded in getting two visitor. It imperative that we must take heed to warnings and make every effort to practice safe socializing. However, GOD made us in his own image and what I see in this video is not of GOD. Make your coming and goings more purposeful. Don’t for got the children, because I see more children going about with the adults with face coverings. Guess you look at this GOD is protecting them.

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