True or False …….

The Question by: Unknown/ Assessment by Randy Parson Jr

The answer could be yes or no , it depends on the individual and the circumstances that caused them not to trust . Whatever reasons, they have that to do. However, the side affects(facts) in doing so causes isolation, bitterness, loneliness and reoccurring of distrustful people. Distrustful people gravitate to people who do not trust people. Now what’s the kicker regarding those that don’t trust nobody, is how these individuals expect to be seeing as trustworthy. That in it’s self does a disservice to the very idea that individuals, who don’t trust no one, would think, nevertheless feel that they should be trusted. That part right there is baffling to me. At the end of the day, it’s not for anyone to negate what they experienced, but do not expect just because you experienced something that caused you not to trust no one, that your not trusting is not the fault of persons that have no cause to distrust you. So, distrusting some you don’t know or a person who have not show you that you can not trust them, is unfair to the process of getting to know each other.

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