Just tired of …

Heaven is always good focus on.

#DrMartinLutherKing said he was tired of the injustice that we as African Americans continue to face. Oh how what we as African Americans and we as Americans are doing to ourselves is a disservice oneself and to each other that is not being mindful. Six years ago that word ‘mindful’ took of me. I went about to gaining the meaning of the word, there is different ways the word mindful is applied. I come to understand as I applied it to my life, is to own all of me, the good and the bad, what my triggers are that I wouldn’t want to be displayed, moreover control my emotions regarding people as well situations that I already know how I feel pertaining to such. This quote speaks to how I apply mindfulness to my life: “Be mindful of yourself as you relate to other people and in doing so you become mindful of others. Thereby, you say a lot of less sorries”. I’m tried of the mindlessness and of the rendering of feelings as if there facts, which leads to the arguing of feels. It’s a waste of time to argue someone else’s feelings, it is disrespectful to do so. We all entitled to our feelings, but assert your feelings or disregard another’s, shows a lack character and disrespect. Finally, I’m tired of seeing individuals walk aimlessly through other people lives not considering how they could be the cause or the effect that can bring a person to awareness. To be aware is to gain understanding and having understanding renders you wisdom. I wake up each day knowing how easy it to stay on the wrong side of right, so I put in the daily conscious effort to stay on the right side of right.

By Randy Parson Jr

Published by The Truckabay Group


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