Pride is not what it is….

Quote by: Randy Parson Jr.

#GETITONWHILEYOULIVINGThere is cause to believe that pride is what prevents the vast majority of living breathing human beings from living life. Pride only holds you to a thought of what you believe of yourself, however you have been shown different but your pride hold you to a thought. To say swallow your pride, is to say I’m open to learn, I’m open-minded, I see your point of view, I want to live life. Do not hold yourself captive to to that word PRIDE. Don’t you say you have pride, say you have standards in life. You only can hold yourself at a standard do not hold others to your standard but you must keep in mind that your standard is not to be minimized by others but you are to be open-minded to see the difference of standards that only go up but again it’s not for you too look down upon because someone is not in the same standard but it is to say that I see better standards of myself and that I look too grow greater standards to ascertain on the way of life that allows me to live in peace as well as stand for peace. Pride only create conflict, confusions and war.

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One thought on “Pride is not what it is….

  1. You are so right Randy. Pride only causes confusion, and so much conflict that many times ends up in war. We just need to get over ourselves and pay attention to what is in front of us, and what is really important.

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