Situations are not the individual.

By Randy Parson Jr

The saying first impression speaks to how a person is or who they are, I’ve found this to be not to be true in most cases. For me it came about not to be true as it related to how I created the situation. The situation again it was created by me and that individual responded accordingly to how I reacted in that situation with that person. Once I found that it’s best to not equate a individual to a situation again more so if I created it. If you hold a person to that situation that you created, it is less likely that you will see a difference of a person in a new situation that you did not create. so first impressions are not everything to base your understanding of a person, yet only to give yourself the opportunity and to open-mindedness to be prepared to see something different of a person in a different situation. You’ll be surprised what will come of that person in a different situation.

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