Don’t have yourself…..

This is truly a warning that change needs to happen. You must ask yourself, “What is my purpose in going around this individual(s)? Why do I allow this individual(s) to come around me?”. Having to remind people to be mindful of themselves as it relates to you over and over is pointless! Either request thatContinue reading “Don’t have yourself…..”

Accepting is the mortar in growing you….

Acceptance is the only way that you can see what’s to come. Accepting does me that you don’t move forward nor for you stay the same, nevertheless for you to go back to either. Acceptance is to become aware to the adjustment or change that is need to take you from the thought of aContinue reading “Accepting is the mortar in growing you….”


As it is proving over and over, that I am still caught off guard when it comes to the actions of individuals who respond to whatever their feelings regardless to the facts thereof. When I came across a person that did such, I would feel the need to assist them come to terms and understandContinue reading “Speechless….”

Pride is not what it is….

#GETITONWHILEYOULIVINGThere is cause to believe that pride is what prevents the vast majority of living breathing human beings from living life. Pride only holds you to a thought of what you believe of yourself, however you have been shown different but your pride hold you to a thought. To say swallow your pride, is toContinue reading “Pride is not what it is….”