A Mentor Desires…. By Randy Parson Jr

In the up coming article, readers will find this real life story of three individuals that share space and time provided by a individual that deemed himself a “Mentor”. Upon posting if this article, contributing writers will weigh in on this matter. For me, it has been trying to come to the realization of whoContinue reading “A Mentor Desires…. By Randy Parson Jr”

Training the trainer..

Came up on Daniel Pennywell post and found it speaks to what I’ve been trying to convey in my efforts to share what I believe is where the root of the problem is. Narrative that has been placed on the African American Male by the police started at the police academy. I do wonder wasContinue reading “Training the trainer..”

Live to live life…

As days change and our nights have grown weary, you must keep in mind that you still living. The existence of a threat to the very core of our lives that it’s causing us to separate from the very idea of living life. As the gentleman stated, “That death happens in life, it’s not aContinue reading “Live to live life…”

#thepushbackaffect is real…

To be in conflict with someone who set on creating false narratives is a waste of time. That individual is committed to the movement of damaging your character. Look to the facts surrounding issues that   are not in their true narratives. To confront the individual(s) who intentionally lies about you, is to give them theContinue reading “#thepushbackaffect is real…”