A Mentor Desires…. By Randy Parson Jr

In the up coming article, readers will find this real life story of three individuals that share space and time provided by a individual that deemed himself a “Mentor”. Upon posting if this article, contributing writers will weigh in on this matter. For me, it has been trying to come to the realization of whoContinue reading “A Mentor Desires…. By Randy Parson Jr”

Look to the children………..

As we remain in the midst of this pandemic, I do feel that the long term effect are yet to be seeing as pertains to the children. The part I am having the most difficulty with is the social distancing. Today I saw what social distancing means while visiting a friend at the hospital. SeeingContinue reading “Look to the children………..”

This seems like it will never end…

This doesn’t surprise me , yet it does upsets me to the core. Having to deal with racism in US today is a emotional task, but when you are made aware of the ways of the past , makes it seems as if this will never change.